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Houston Hair Transplant Center is proud to offer the latest available technologies in hair transplant surgery. We specialize in minimally invasive hair transplant and restoration procedures. The results are a fuller head of hair with no unsightly scars.

Minimally invasive hair transplant procedures offer many advantages over traditional techniques. They also reduce the downtime and increase the effectiveness of the procedure by giving the patient more natural looking results.

Hair Transplantation/ Hair Restoration

Hair transplantation and its new advances have become increasingly popular today to both men and women who feel their hair loss ages them beyond their years and makes then look less attractive.

Hair replacement advancements, including NeoGraft, are making it possible for people to change the way people look and feel about themselves. This procedure gives a person back the ability to use their own hair to fill areas of hair loss. Patients can gain back their youthful appearance and restore their confidence.

NeoGraft hair restoration allows hair loss patients to obtain the natural looking results of single follicle hair transplant (FUE hair transplant) with minimal downtime, no incision, and no unsightly scars.

Hair Loss in Men and Women

As we age many things tend to change on our bodies and what once was a full head of hair may start to show balding areas. Approximately 50% of men experience some degree of hair loss or baldness in their lifetime and surprisingly, about 40% of women also experience various types of hair loss.

For men the most common reason for such hair loss is a genetic trait. DHT, a male hormone, causes the hair follicles to weaken and to eventually die.

Until now, hair loss was a problem that was hard to fix. Both men and women who suffered from hair loss would have to rely on hair extensions, non-effective hair potions and lotions or even scalp reducing surgery. Regaining hair became a hard, expensive and frustrating process that in most cases left very little results to show for. But all that is now a part of the past!

The Importance fo a Hair Loss Consultation

Some people prefer to let their hair loss and baldness go untreated. Others may cover it up with hats, hair pieces, wigs, hairstyles, makeup, or scarves. Others choose to use medications and lotions to try to reverse the hair loss effects and others choose to have surgical procedures to treat hair loss once and for all.

Regardless of your case, before undergoing any treatment option, talk with our doctor about your hair loss and best possible treatment options available for you. Only through a consultation can you know if your hair loss process is normal or if it is an indication of a more severe or different medical condition.

Our Hair Loss Center

Houston Hair Transplant Center is Houston’s choice for NeoGraft hair transplant. We offer the most advanced technology in hair harvesting and implantation that can bring you long lasting noticeable results in as little as one session. If you have tried other hair loss options but have failed, please call us for a NeoGraft consultation.

Our hair transplant technicians are experienced professionals in single follicle hair restoration (FUE hair transplant), assuring you a fast and safe hair transplant procedure. Our center’s medical director, Dr Goran Jezic, is up to date on the latest technologies and advances in hair transplant surgery and the treatment of hair loss.

If you are interested in hair restoration and preserving a fuller head of hair through hair transplant surgery, call the Houston Hair Transplant Center now and set up a complimentary consultation. NeoGraft can give you more than just new hair: It can give you a new start!

Call 713-864-2300 to schedule your complimentary NeoGraft consultation today.

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