NeoGraft VS Traditional Hair Transplant

There are many advantages that the NeoGraft device has over traditional hair transplants. Please read this page to know more.

Traditional Hair Transplant

Traditional hair transplant, also known as the ‘strip method’ is a technique where a strip of skin with healthy hair is surgically removed from the back of the patient’s head. This process leaves a long horizontal scar which makes recovery longer and more painful and it makes it difficult for most patients to wear short hair after their hair transplant procedure.

Additionally, patients often felt that the skin on the back of their head was ‘pulling’ from the area where the strip of hair was taken from, which felt uncomfortable and needed special care since this was a long scar and in some cases caused headaches and pain.

Because of the large scar, the recovery time is also longer and the patient has to avoid the sun, extraneous exercise as well as take special care of the scar in order to avoid any complication.



neograft-machineNeoGraft is the latest advance in hair transplant technology that is minimally invasive and virtually painless.

With NeoGraft all many of the annoying side effects of the strip method have been removed. The Neograft device removes the follicular units one by one and leaves no linear scar. Additionally, this allows the patient to have a faster recovery and even more natural results after their hair transplant since there are no unsightly scar in the area where the hair was taken from.

Because there is no linear scar, NeoGraft can deliver much more natural looking results and restore a patient’s hair line and hair density.



For us, every case is unique and each treatment should be costumed tailored to fit their needs. With our wide experience in hair transplant procedures and commitment to every patient we are able to offer our patients the best possible results.

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